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Hillhall Regeneration Halloween Party

Title: Hillhall Regeneration Halloween Party
Location: The Highway Inn (Upstairs)
Description: 6pm-8pm
Fancy Dress There will be a prize for best costume
£2 per child or £5 per family of 3
Start Time: 6pm
Date: 27 October 2011
End Time: 8pm

Cinema Trip

Title: Cinema Trip
Location: Lisburn Omniplex
Description: A trip to the cinema to watch Johnny English;Reborn on Tuesday 1st November 2011 with Hillhall,Low Road and the P.S.N.I
10 places for Low Road
10 places for Hillhall
Each group are to meet at their relevant youth group buildings at 6pm.
Start Time: 6:40pm
Date: 1st November 2011

Halloween Ball

Title: Halloween Ball
Location: Laganview Enterprise Centre
Link out: Click here
Description: The Halloween ball will take place in the Laganview Enterprise Centre on Monday 31st October.
Entry fee;£1 per child or £3 per family.(Includes refreshments)
There will be a Prize for best fancy dress costume.
Children under 4 will need to be accompanied by an adult.
Disco and party games will be there to be enjoyed by all who attend.
Start Time: 1pm
Date: 31st October 2011
End Time: 3pm

5th August 2011 Cross Community boat launch

LOYALIST and nationalist youths came together to test the waters of the River Lagan yesterday where they launched boats they built as part of a cross-community project.


Six boys from loyalist Hillhall in Lisburn and six from the nationalist Poleglass and Colin areas of west Belfast set their cultural and religious backgrounds aside to see if their wooden boats would float.


They all gathered at the Island Arts Centre in Lisburn, along with the town’s mayor, Brian Heading, and youth project workers to be the first to test the fruits of their labour.


The boys have been taking part in a cross-community programme organised by Lisburn PSP (People’s Support Project) and Colin Youth Development in a bid to combat sectarianism.


They met for three Saturdays in June and then spent four days in Cork in July building two 16ft by 4ft boats.


Lisburn PSP youth projects coordinator Francie Ferris said he was relieved to find that the boats stayed afloat when they were launched into the water yesterday.


“The boys were in the water all morning and we even had Lisburn’s mayor testing out one of them,” he said.


“The two groups of lads are here and they’re all mixing well. It’s been hard to get them out of the water.”


Mr Ferris said he thought the cross-community project was “brilliant”, even though he was dubious at the start.


He said: “When I first got involved, I was a bit apprehensive. We got to Cork and I just saw this big empty boat yard with tools lying about and I thought it was going to be a big disaster.


“But within five minutes, they were all hammering and sawing away, and I saw some brilliant talent.


“The first day they came together, we had the Poleglass ones sitting on one side of the room and the Hillhall lads on the other and they’d go and have their lunch separately.


“But then they got to know each other and it’s been great to see them mixing.”


He added that this would not be the last project the Poleglass and Hillhall boys would do together.


“With sectarianism, you should never become complacent,” he said. “So it’s important to keep these things going.


“Most of those young people were born after the peace process. They never experienced the Troubles and don’t have anything against other sides of the community.


“But the problem is that they have grown up in areas where society is divided. It’s not that they have any issues with each other, they’ve just never had the opportunity to mix. They go to separate schools and live in separate areas.


“But now that we’ve done this project, you’ve got boys from Hillhall going into Poleglass like it’s no big deal. I was never once in Poleglass or Twinbrook until I was at least 30 because it was a place you just didn’t go if you were a Protestant.


“All these boys want is permission from their communities and to be told there’s no issue with them going to each other’s’ area and knocking about with each other.


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